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Where to buy iPhone cheap

It compares and it buys the models of iPhones 11, X, 8, 8 Extra, 7, 7 extra, 6, 6 Extra, 5, 5c, 5s or 4 new ones, reconditioned or of second hand to the best price and online, do not worry about privacy issue we working with trusted Web Hosting with the best online protection out there. It chooses your model and it buys the mobile of Apple iPhone more cheap.

Apple is the best brand of the market if we spoke of smartphones. All their technology is focused to the user experience. They are very easy to use, reason why they are apt for all the ages. They are designed to be attractive visually but mainly, they are simple in its handling.

Its operating system is own: iOs. He is simple, colorful and with applications and solutions for absolutely everything. Apple simplifies to the technology and the life. In addition, iPhone is safer. According to studies, 98% of virus for mobiles are designed for Android. At the moment an iPhone is nothing cannot do 😉

Where to buy iPhone more cheap

It compares the best prices of iPhone 7, iPhone 7 extra, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone to stop itself to buy the Internet iPhone cheapest.

From Spain, Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid, Argentina, Mexico, etc, it cheap secures to an iPhone new or of second hand comparing his price online in different buyers and with different models.

Also you can know all the characteristics the model, in addition, to acquire a free model or with your company Movistar, Orange, Vodafone€¦ with effort.

This is the table of prices to obtain to an iPhone barat­simo:

iPhone X

 Apple Store Amazon
Guarantee2 yearsAccording to salesman
Price 64 GB 859‚¬659‚¬
Price 256 GB 959‚¬745‚¬

iPhone 8

 Apple StoreAmazoneBay
Guarantee2 yearsAccording to salesmanAccording to salesman
Price 64 GB + shipment 809‚¬395‚¬515‚¬
Price 256 GB + shipment 919‚¬694‚¬816‚¬

iPhone 8 extra

 Apple Store AmazoneBay
Guarantee2 years According to salesman According to salesman
Price 64 GB + shipment 919‚¬ 670‚¬759‚¬
Price 256 GB + shipment 1089‚¬ 860‚¬899‚¬

iPhone 7

 Apple StoreAmazoneBay
Guarantee2 yearsAccording to salesmanAccording to salesman
Price 32 GB639‚¬419‚¬529‚¬
Price 128 GB 749‚¬500‚¬629‚¬
Price 256 GB 849‚¬415‚¬659‚¬

iPhone 7 extra

 Apple StoreAmazoneBay
Guarantee2 yearsAccording to salesmanAccording to salesman
Price 32 GB 779‚¬529‚¬699‚¬
Price 128 GB889‚¬640‚¬889‚¬
Price 256 GB 1089‚¬640‚¬899‚¬

iPhone 6

GuaranteeAccording to salesmanAccording to salesman
Price 16 GB148‚¬299‚¬
Price 64 GB230‚¬359‚¬
Price 128 GB258‚¬399‚¬

iPhone 6s

GuaranteeAccording to salesmanAccording to salesman
16 GB Price176‚¬329‚¬
64 GB Price248‚¬359‚¬
128 GB Price274‚¬499‚¬

iPhone 6 extra

GuaranteeAccording to salesmanAccording to salesman
Price 16GB176‚¬
Price 32 GB380‚¬469‚¬
Price 64 GB202‚¬499‚¬
Price 128 GB274‚¬559‚¬

iPhone New

 Apple StoreAmazoneBay
2 years1 yearAccording to salesman
Price 16 GB 419‚¬264‚¬259‚¬
Price 64 GB 529‚¬229‚¬319‚¬

iPhone second hand

GuaranteeAccording to salesmanAccording to salesman
Price 64 GB 200‚¬209‚¬
Price 128 GB220‚¬229‚¬

So either you know where to buy Smartphone de Apple the more cheap of the market or an iPhone reconditioned of Amazon.

Where to buy an iPhone by Internet?

At the time of changing ours smartphone, always we want the one best one, than it guarantees to us a good operation and, mainly, that it lasts to us. In this aspect there is nothing as the guarantee that offers Apple in all iPhone terminals and the fluidity of the operating system iOs.

Perhaps the only one beats is the price that they normally have in the stores, so the best option is to buy an iPhone cheap by Internet also we use dedicated server to support our website so you do not need to worry about your privacy, in some of the majors portals of sale as Amazon or eBay since Apple Store offers prices almost as high as in its physical stores.

iPhone in Amazon

Amazon emphasizes by the security and the confidence that offers under its seal, whenever the product they distribute it and particular nonsalesmen. In this aspect, it gives to major reliability that eBay, that only has external stores or salesmen to the platform. But that yes, for the same reason, the price in eBay always will be lower than Amazon and, in case we doubt the security in the payment, we can pay attention to important data as the vendor qaulity ratings, the opinions or seals of security.

In addition, we must know clearly what type of terminal we want. There are some clients whom they prefer that their telephone is new before one of second hand, by taken care of very well and without scratches that are. In that case it is necessary to pay attention very well, mainly in particular announcements. Also it is necessary to distinguish between the new terminals and the recovered ones in factory.

These are the types of supply that we can be found by Internet when we looked for iPhone:

  • New state: The terminal is estimated new, without use or without hardly use. Also it can be that the client who bought it regreted to acquire it, that is a gift nonwished or that in that same time a telephone could better have been bought.
  • Reconditioned Outlet or: These terminals are given back to the factory or the distributor by some software or hardware failure but, after to have solved the problem, becomes to put on sale to a lower price.
  • Second hand: They are iPhone used by an individual that, for some reason, has decided to change of telephone and it puts it on sale. Normally the price in these cases is half that the one of new equipment but is necessary to consider details as:
    • That it is Apple and not an imitation
    • That it does not have scratches or cracks in the screen
    • That it does not have blockade by iCloud
    • That it has all the functionalities and connectivities
    • Preferably, that follows in period of guarantee of Apple or that distributes it through some portal of second hand that guarantees its return in case of not fulfilling the aesthetic or technical expectations.

iPhone reconditioned

Apple counts on a service of reconditioned certificate by the company that allows the consumers to buy iPhone of second hand with the same guarantee which if they were bought new. These terminals come from returns or by renovation to a model superior, because they have been used as units of demonstration or by failures in hardware or software that have been solved.

These products are put under a strict process of refabrication and revision before returning to commercialize itself. Reason why they are in perfect aesthetic conditions of operation and. Nevertheless, it is possible that in some cases they present alterations of color in the housings.

According to Apple, each iPhone reconditioned:

  • It is put to the test complete.
  • Refabrica with original spare parts of Apple
  • It is put under a complete process of cleaning.
  • One becomes to pack
  • It receives a new serial number and IMEI.

They are possible to be bought through Amazon, or in own Apple Store. These are the guides of prices for the models:

Amazon (Distributing Apple official)

Guarantee 2 years (1 Apple + 1 Amazon)
iPhone 5c 239‚¬
iPhone 5s 316,99‚¬
iPhone 6 546,52‚¬
iPhone 6s 614‚¬
iPhone 6 extra 649‚¬

It is worth the trouble to buy an iPhone

To buy an iPhone is a safe bet. As with Android, there are brands that can give to a major or minor yield, in Apple always is going to be high. IPhone is telephones of the high range, high performance and releases duration. They are not going to leave wire drawing to you. The Apple seal is synonymous of guarantee. When purchases an iPhone you know what to hope, including the reliability and the innovation. And that goes as much in the design as in the components. Their telephones are testeados long time before leaving to the market and they make with a meticulous process of analysis of each of its pieces, functionalities, functions and what they can give of himself.

iPhone or Android?

There are many reasons that take to us to pour off us by an iPhone instead of Android. We give 5 you:

  1. Design: The telephones of Apple sone aesthetically more tuna than Android. Apple is guarantee of a meticulous work of analysis of the aesthetic needs as as much functional. And the design goes in agreement with which you need your telephone.
  2. Security: IPhone is much more safe that Android. 98% of virus for mobiles are designed for Android. Reason why with Apple you have many less possibilities of losing your data or your telephone.
  3. Guarantee: When purchases an iPhone you know that you are buying security in the brand. You know that telephone is not going to give yield badly to you nor is going away to spoil to the month.
  4. Updates: Gratuitous, they are guaranteed and fast. You will always have the last version of iOs without needing changing of telephone.
  5. Better integration hardware, software and extras: To the being all exclusive one of Apple, never you will find compatibility problems. All the Apps will funcioanr¡n to you correctly, safe and will be made a will by the equipment of Apple. As well as any peripheral one. With Android, often it is a lottery

To buy iPhone in store

Normally, if purchases a new terminal from an operator of telephony in store, you can obtain an iPhone cheaper of the normal thing. In addition, many operators offer payment facilities, as the division or monthly payments. And, except for some company, no longer usually they demand contract permanence when buying.

If in addition you are of the traditional ones to that they like to go to the store, to see the product, to prove it and to buy it there same, also we have studied the market of iPhone in stores specialized in telephony and operators. Normally a contract is necessary, or of portability or changing our present one to be able to accede to the best discounts in iPhone. However, in some cases the operators offer the free terminal whenever you fund it with them or in establishments as Phone House without needing it.

In case you want to renew your contract with your operator or to change you some different one and that they give iPhone to you, these are the supplies:

Iphone X

 MovistarVodafone*Orange ** Yoigo*
iPhone X 64 GB1102‚¬1056‚¬N/D 987‚¬
iPhone X 256 GB1267‚¬N/D1259‚¬N/D

The 8 Iphone and 8 Iphone extra

 MovistarVodafone*Orange ** Yoigo*
iPhone 7 32 GBN/D576‚¬639‚¬658‚¬
iPhone 7 128 GBN/D991‚¬N/D754‚¬
iPhone 7 Extra 32 GBN/D708‚¬N/D710‚¬
iPhone 7 Extra 128 GBN/D991959‚¬786‚¬

7 Iphone and 7 Iphone extra

 MovistarVodafone*Orange ** Yoigo*
iPhone 7 32 GBN/D576‚¬639‚¬658‚¬
iPhone 7 128 GBN/D991‚¬N/D754‚¬
iPhone 7 Extra 32 GBN/D708‚¬N/D710‚¬
iPhone 7 Extra 128 GBN/D991959‚¬786‚¬

* Permanence of 18 months.
** High new.

Iphone 7

 MovistarVodafone*Orange ** Yoigo*
iPhone 6 16 GBN/D624‚¬699‚¬ N/D
iPhone 6s 16 GBN/D696‚¬749‚¬709‚¬
iPhone 6s 64 GBN/D777‚¬ 859‚¬819‚¬
iPhone 6s 128 GBN/DN/D 969‚¬919‚¬

* Permanence of 18 months.
** High new.


 MovistarVodafone*Orange ** Yoigo*
iPhone 6 16 GBN/D624‚¬699‚¬ N/D
iPhone 6s 16 GBN/D696‚¬749‚¬709‚¬
iPhone 6s 64 GBN/D777‚¬ 859‚¬819‚¬
iPhone 6s 128 GBN/DN/D 969‚¬919‚¬

* Permanence of 18 months.
** High new.

Iphone 6

 MovistarVodafone*Orange ** Yoigo*
iPhone 6 16 GBN/D624‚¬699‚¬ N/D
iPhone 6s 16 GBN/D696‚¬749‚¬709‚¬
iPhone 6s 64 GBN/D777‚¬ 859‚¬819‚¬
iPhone 6s 128 GBN/DN/D 969‚¬919‚¬

* Permanence of 18 months.
** High new.

Which is the best moment to buy an iPhone?

The price of iPhone is variable throughout the year. By all means, they influence special days as Prime Day de Amazon or Black Friday. Nevertheless, the fluctuation of prices in €œnormal€ days depends on the time of the year and the proposals of new devices sent by each company.

In the case of Apple, it is more probable that they lower his prices according to come near the new features in his devices. For example, knowing that the next September they will send the iPhone 8, it is probable that the brand decides to lower to the price of some of its devices the previous months to foment its purchase. By all means, once the iPhone 8 are in the market, the price of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 extra will also be seen reduced.

better moment for buying iphone

With the previous launching, for a year. The price of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s vi³ reduced until 100‚¬, without going more far. It is probable that Apple takes to a similar strategy east year.

Every year, in addition, Apple announces the retirement of some of its models, declared as obsolete by the company. It was the case of some MacBook, but in other occasions, this same one has happened to smartphones as the Iphone 4 and previous models. In these cases, Apple it stops serving technical for these devices and, by all means, stopping making them. It is in that point where it is possible even to be seen reduced the price of the terminal until 80%.

But without needing going to the end, day of today, buying an iPhone 5 or an iPhone can be the same from cheap and yes being still subject to the guarantee of the company. That one will be the case in these months of the iPhone 7, whose price in portals of second hand can turns drastically reduced before the avalanche of supplies that will be able to be found by the amount of people selling this model with the forecast to buy the following one: the iPhone 8.

How to save battery in iPhone?

One of the majors problems as much of the iPhone 7 as of other advanced models of smartphones is the duration of the battery. When reproducing images or video to high quality, in addition to the first work in and background that the applications realise, more and more complex, cause that our battery is spent in relatively just a short time.

For that reason, we are going to give some advice to you to do that your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 extra holds with battery more time of the habitual one.

To close the applications in background will not cause that the battery lasts more. When doing it, simply we will release RAM in our terminal. Useful if it is warmed up in excess or you notice slowing down in its use having too many open maps. But totally inoffensive for the battery. Since, if is of habitual use, we will return to need them open and this open-to close it will spend more battery than to maintain them operative.

Perhaps nevertheless, we have some open maps that we did not wish. Or that, if we want that it holds some hours more until arriving at house, we extinguish the one that more battery spends at the moment. In order to observe how much it spends each App and which we can do without thus at moments, it is only necessary to go to the menu Battery > Uso of battery. Once verified and chosen, we can extinguish those that we consider. That yes, with the idea of not returning them to open reason why we have shelp before. Also we can reduce the use of data that carries out, to limit the size of the unloadings or directly to cause that they are in use, but do not consume data (and therefore, excess of battery).

Another option, available from iOS 9 is the €œway detection mouth down €œ. This functionality, if it activates, detects when our iPhone is placed mouth down and the screen is not illuminated (with the consequent cost of battery). It will only emit the sound and vibration (if you have it activated). This way, although it seems simple, one saves much battery since the screen is one of the components that more energy consumes.

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