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The iPhone 4 appeared in 2010 as the fourth generation of smartphones of Apple.

The greater innovation with respect to the old models was the redesign of its frontal, its form and its housing. The iPhone 4 left of side the curves of previous models to become more rectum and to become more compact. He is smarthpone of only 9.3mm of thickness and 137 grams of weight.

To buy iPhone 4

GuaranteeAccording to salesman
Price 8 GB49‚¬
Price 16GB49‚¬

Characteristics iPhone 4

The screen of the iPhone 4 is of 3,5 inches, but even so, in 2010 640—960 was smartphone with more resolution of the market with his pixels. The USA technology LCD IPS, similar to the iPad 1. And it was the first remittance of videollamadas Apple that included the frontal camera thought specifically for. With a capacity of 5 megapixels with flash LED and recording of video to 720p, grooves micro-SIM and secondary microphone for sound cancellation.

In its interior, Iphone 4 also presented new features. This generation came from series with the A4 processor that already iPdad had and the Wifi connectivity type n. By all means, it counts on gyroscope that along with the compass and the accelerometer six axes of control promise, improving the possibilities of iPhone for games.

iPhone 4 colors

The iPhone 4 is available in two models. Black and white. At the outset Apple sent only the black model, that was the standard for this smarthpone during the first months. Time later, commercialized the white model, color characteristic of the brand and that in Spain was available in April of 2011 that it was not sent of home by compatibility problems.

Differences between iPhone 4 and 4s

 iPhone 4iPhone 4s
Measures (mm)115,2 xs 58,6115,2 xs 58,6
Thickness9.3 mm.9.3 mm.
ProcessorChip A4 de Apple Chip dual-Core A5 de Apple
Memory512 Megabyte512 Megabyte
ScreenRetina display
(960 xs 640)/326ppp
Retina display
(960 xs 640)/326ppp
Capacity8 GB16, 32 or 64 GB
Wifi802.11 b/g/n802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth2.1 + EDR4.0
Control by voiceNoYes (Siri)
Back camera5 MP with flash LED8MP f2.4 with flash LED and retroiluminado sensor
Frontal cameraYes (VGA)Yes (VGA)
Video720p to 30 fps1080p to 30 fps with image stabilizer
Battery7 h. in conversation (3G)
6 h. of navigation 3G
10 h. of WiFi navigation
10 h. of video
40 hours of music
8 h. in conversation (3G)
6 h. navigation 3G
9 hours of WiFi navigation
10 h. of video
40 hours of music
Weight137 gr.140 gr.

To update iPhone 4 to IOS 9

IPhone 4s is the last model that could support to the update of the operating system iOS 9. The models previous to him already are discarded and they will not be able to be updated to the following version of software. That yes iPhone 4s will not be able to enjoy to the 100% all the characteristics iOs 9.

When installing it in iPhone 4s, the resolution will be first of the problems. You will notice that the text is very together and the text sees something small, which can be something uncomfortable at the time of using the virtual keyboard.

In yield subjects, nevertheless, you will not notice much difference, in seconds any application will be opened and hardly supports to the multitask without many problems of speed or fluidity. Although obvious, not so adapted as models superiors.

iOS 9 brings the way battery saving, that by size, help much to iPohne 4s. If to that we added to him that iOS9 much less occupies space in memory that iOs 8, is made necessary its update totally. In addition iOs 9 corrects several bugs and errors that had iOs 7 and 8 for the models of iPhone 4s.

What functionalities of iOs 9 I will not be able to use in iPhone 4s?

The multitask of iOS will be reduced in iPhone 4s because it has 512MEGABYTE of RAM. For that reason it will not have:

  • Split View: the way of divided window.
  • Picture-in-Picture: known as PIP, it is a floating window in miniature in which we will be able to see, for example, videos.
  • Slide Over: with this function we will be able to put to the right an application in the margin of the right.

How to put music in the iPhone 4

If you are of that it cannot spend a day nor a passage without taking music, certainly you use your iPhone as reproducer. In order to obtain it, one is to synchronize our library of iTunes with our device. And thus, all the music that we have in our PC, we will be able to listen to it by the street in our iPhone 4.

In order to be able to pass music of our computer to the reproducer of iTunes we only must choose as predetermined reproducer to iTunes in our PC. This obtains making right click in any .mp3 > open as > to choose the reproducer (we chose, obvious iTunes). This way so simple, our music will be copied to the library.

Now, the second step is to synchronize the PC with iPhone. For it, we will connect by means of USB, we will open it iTunes and look for €œto synchronize iPhone€. We select all the songs that we want of our library and when beating in €œapplying€ it will be come to synchronize. When the process finishes, we will already be able to disconnect the iPhone of USB and all the music that we want will be in ours smartphone

How to unblock iPhone 4

Apple always has maintained the closed system, reason why it is impossible that you obtain an iPhone 4 frees. But obvious, ways exist to release your iPhone 4 of simple way. There are different methods. Simplest it is through IMEI. For it, you must enter the Web that allows to release the iPhone 4 through Imei. If you look for in Google you will find many results, but before you must inquire and to know which are the trustworthy ones. Once inside, you introduce your model of iPhone and your IMEI and will send a code to you to your associate email. With that code, when introducing it in your iPhone 4, the telephone will be unblocked. That yes, ten well-taken care of because the attempts are limited and if faults more in one go when introducing it, will block this method and you will be forced to pay to Apple to unblock your telephone.

The second method is valid if you forgot the password, or of your telephone or iCloud. In this case, if you are not able to remember to him or to activate it by means of the habitual options of security of Apple, you will have to forget to you to recover all the information of your reason. Since resetearlo this way will cause that all the archives erase.

In order to unblock your iPhone 4 without password you will have to recover smartphone to the way factory. First it is to connect the iPhone 4 to a computer by means of USB. Then, you will be able to accede to him through iTunes. When it is synchronized, it extinguishes your mobile phone totally and it comes to reinitiate it of factory. For it, when he is dull you must simultaneously push the button of ignition and the one of home during 10 seconds, passed that time, loose the button of encedido but mant©n pushed the HOME button. In few seconds message of ITunes will jump or and then or you will be able to loosen the button.

If you have done it well, in the computer it will leave a screen to you with the information your mobile. There you will be able to clickear in RECOVERING IPHONE, will request one second confirmation to you and after this, the mobile will begin to format itself to return to the factory version. This process can about behind schedule 30-60 minutes.

When finalizing, you will have your iPhone 4 recovered as the first day that you bought it and will be able to register the password that you wish as well as to return to form it to your pleasure.

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