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IPhone is a novel model by its compact size. Apple looks for to compete more in the market of the screens reduced with some benefits similar to iPhone 5s, in addition to including more showy designs something as iPhone 5c.

If you like the terminals of pocket and you do not look for a great screen excessively, iPhone is the best option of the market: with its 4 inches it offers the best yield to you of Apple combined with the practicidad of small smartphones. In addition, its camera does not have anything to envy to the greatest terminals, since megap­xeles counts on 12.

You can find very good supplies to buy the terminal, as always in Amazon and eBay, as much of first as of second hand. In the following table we offer the best prices to you than we have found, here we also want to inform you that we have unlimited hosting plans for you to start your own website:

New Iphone

 Apple StoreAmazoneBay
2 years1 yearAccording to salesman
Price 16 GB 419‚¬264‚¬259‚¬
Price 64 GB 529‚¬229‚¬319‚¬

Iphone second hand

GuaranteeAccording to salesmanAccording to salesman
Price 64 GB 200‚¬209‚¬
Price 128 GB220‚¬229‚¬

Characteristics of iPhone

IPhone has thought for users who prioritize the size and the comfort of use and that values it before the benefits. For that reason, their dimensions are adapted for all the pockets. IPhone is moderate 58,6 mm in width, 123,8 mm of stop and 7,6 mm in thickness. Its weight is of 113 g.

Account with a screen of 4 inches of 1136 640 xs and one 326 density of ppp.

IPhone comes from factory with iOS 9.3. The terminal does not include the technology 3D Touch but of the sensor of digital tracks Touch YOU GO. Its processor is a A9 of two nuclei to 1,84 GHz of speed. Account with 2 GB of RAM and comes with a storage of 16 or 64 GB.

Camera of iPhone

IPhone is counted on a back chamber of 12 megap­xeles and incorporates flash of double tone, stabilizer of image, detection of face or automatic HDR way. In addition, 4K can record vi­deo in UHD. Its frontal camera is of 1,2 megap­xeles and also it records video in HD.

iPhone colors

IPhone, in spite of looking for to reduce to cost in components and materials, continues being available in 4 colors, respecting the price in all the cases. The colors available are: rose, silver, gold and space gray.

Apple could send iPhone 2 in 2018

Apple could send to the market new smartphone long before the predicted thing. Thus it is deduced of the filtration of the Web Consomac, that would have had access to 11 new equipment patented by Apple in the Economic Union Euroasi¡tica.

The codes are A1920, A1921, A1984, A2097, A2098, A2099, A2101, A2103, A2104, A2105 and A2106. The amount of devices and the lack of announcements of the brand makes think about that it can be an improvement of iPhone and is possible to be an intermediate terminal to a cost much smaller than his habitual discharge range.

2 years ago, in March of 2016 iPhone was sent €œby surprise€ in the same way and was able to cover the only hollow that always it had in the market: the reasonable and compact terminals. In particular, in 4 inches of frontal.

What, obvious, not yet we know they are the specifications of no of these models. But one would be iPhone SE2, it would be to hope that already it included considerable improvements with respect to his predecessor, talking about improvements we also improve our website with ssd vps hosting so we can provice you a fastest website. What yes it is discarded, to the being a model (foreseeably) economic and of low range is the Phase YOU GO or new the double camera of the iPhone.

In addition, lack to know what type of operating system could llevvar. If they would come from factory with iOs10 or they were hoped to send, foreseeably in summer, to the update of iOs 12, anticipated for the WWDC. The processor, therefore, would have to be the A10, since the A11 Bionic only is in the iPhone 8, 8 Extra and X. and by benefits, everything seems to indicate that iPhone 2 could not be held it.

This launching would serve to next year estimate the market facing the launching of three new devices. In principle those of Cupertino would present to the successor of iPhone X and one version €œextra€. According to the patents they would be smartphones of 5 ' 8, 6 ' 1 and 6 ' 5 inches.

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