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iPhone 8 extra cheap

To buy iPhone 8 Extra

The iPhone 8 extra is first smartphone of Apple in including the screen True Tone. In search of the excellence in the image and the obtaining of much more natural colors. In addition, its technology does that the screen automatically calibrates the color, the temperature and the intensity according to the atmosphere, without needing worrying we ourself to us about those aspects.

With the iPhone 8 extra, Apple has bet to repeat the sizes of 4.7 and 5.5 inches and their traditional Retina HD. The panels are integrated in the frontal keeping horizontal and vertical symmetry. The back part in its new models is covered with crystal.

To buy iPhone 8 extra

You can buy the iPhone 8 cheaper extra if instead of to do it from the Web of Apple you use platforms of confidence as Apple or eBay. PCComponentes is also a good option by its guarantees on watch and repair.

In Amazon you can buy an iPhone 8 cheap extra of multitude of specialized salesmen. On all of them you will count by all means on the guarantee of factory of an Apple product and of the system of returns managed by Amazon. In addition, if you have Amazon Prime, the shipment will leave to you completely free.

 Apple Store AmazoneBay
Guarantee2 years According to salesman According to salesman
Price 64 GB + shipment 919‚¬ 670‚¬759‚¬
Price 256 GB + shipment 1089‚¬ 860‚¬899‚¬

iPhone 8 Extra colors

The iPhone 8 extra is available in several colors: space gray, red silver and. Seen the success of the NETWORK edition for the iPhone 8, Apple chose to include it as basic color for the options of the iPhone 8 extra. But as well, it has eliminated the options in black mate and shining black.

Although by all means, if purchases an iPhone 8 extra we recommended to you that you also acquire a cover or housing to protect it of the blows and scratches that can be produced. It remembers that although it is a resistant telephone, never is of protecting it more.

Camera of the iPhone 8 extra

The camera of the iPhone 8 Extra repeats configuration with respect to the iPhone 7 Extra optimized with the new hardware. Account with a system of double lens. First, of 12 megap­xeles with an opening of f/1.8 and one second camera with telefoco thanks to a great lens angular with opening f/2.8. In addition, it counts on a system of recalibration facing the increased reality. For it, the iPhone 8 Integra extra gyroscope and accelerometer, so that the sensitivity of the registry of the movement improves.

The iPhone 8 extra also counts on an optical zoom lens of 2 increases and a digital zoom lens of up to 10. It has one second lens of telephoto lens similar to the one of the iPhone 7 Extra, but with better depth of field and effects of illumination and capture of light.

As far as the frontal camera, Iphone 8 extra counts on a lens of 7 Mpx with an opening f/2.2 able to capture video 1080p 30 photograms per second and video of 720p to 240 photograms per second, along with detection of faces and high dynamic range.

By all means, the camera of the iPhone 8 extra can record video to 4K. The new sensors that integrate these smartphones will be able to record in 4K to 60 fps (improving the 30 fps of the previous ones) and 1080p to 240 fps in slow motion, being able to analyze each pixel to improve the processing.


The iPhone 8 extra comes from series with the chip A11 Bionic de Apple, a processor of six nuclei that counts on two nuclei for yield which they are 25 % faster than the A10 processor (its predecessor). Also it counts on a unit of graphical processing (GPU) of three nuclei designed by Apple.

iPhone 8 versus iPhone 8 Extra

The iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 extra are terminal very similarities, whose only differences reside in the size and the quality of their components. In general aspects, both are smartphone of the high range.

The screen, as much in the iPhone 8 as the iPhone 8 extra has sensitivity at different levels from pressure. In addition, both count on TrueTone, a technology able to favor the change of illumination and colors according to the light of the place in which it is. The difference is in the size, the iPhone 8 is of 4.7 €³ and the iPhone 8 5.5 extra of €³. Consequently, the density of pixels of the telephones is different: of 326 plan position indicator and 401 plan position indicator respectively just as its resolution: 750 xs 1334 px for the iPhone 8 and 1080 xs 1920px for the iPhone 8 extra.

Another subtle difference is in the cameras. The versions Extra of iPhone always have better optics than the normal version and this also happens in the camera of the iPhone 8 extra. In the standard version account with a single objective of 12 MP, whereas the iPhone 8 extra has two objectives of 12 MP each. In the frontal camera the thing is equaled: both are of 7 MP.

You want to consult all the differences? We left this comparative picture you

 iPhone 8iPhone 8 extra
Thickness7.3 mm.7.5 mm.
ProcessorApple A11 BionicApple A11 Bionic
Memory2 GB3 GB
Screen4.7 inches
5.5 inches
Capacity256 GB256 GB
Back camera12 MP2 objectives
12x12 MP
Frontal camera7 MP7 MP
Video2160 xs 30fps2160 xs 60fps
Weight148 gr.202 gr.

Wireless load in the iPhone 8 extra

Apple, finally, has decided to integrate the system of wireless load in its new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 extra. This system arrives with the Qi standard and a called base AirPower, able simultaneously to load an iPhone, an Apple Watch and the AirPods earpieces.

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