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iPhone 7 Extra cheap

To buy iPhone 7 Extra

The iPhone 7 extra is one of the best existing terminals at present. Thanks to his A10 processor Fusion of four nuclei and one GPU of six, it can use his benefits of image and resolution to the maximum. In addition, it counts on a dual camera able to make optical zoom lens of up to two increases without quality in the photography is lost. As well as to record and to reproduce videos in FullHD thanks to its screen of 1920x1080px with 401ppp.

As always, to find the cheapest model the best thing it will be search distributing nonofficials through particular Amazon or stores in eBay, assuring to us that they count on the number of valuations and seals of both portals to guarantee the reliability to us of the product.

Apple, in its store online, offers in addition a called insurance Apple Care to 60‚¬ so that any small incidence that can have our iPhone is corrected immediately.

According to its capacity, the price varies approximately in 100‚¬, being the cheapest model of 32GB. You remember that the internal memory is not expandable, so there is to have it in account before only choosing the economic model by that detail.

 Apple StoreAmazoneBay
Guarantee2 yearsAccording to salesmanAccording to salesman
Price 32 GB 779‚¬529‚¬699‚¬
Price 128 GB889‚¬640‚¬889‚¬
Price 256 GB 1089‚¬640‚¬899‚¬

IPhone characteristics 7Plus

The iPhone 7 extra is a terminal that brings a countless number of improvements without varying its aspect with respect to the iPhone 7 nor to the iPhone 6 extra. He is faster, with better camera, better screen, a faster LTE, more battery, resistant to the water and in subjects of design, with two new colors.

It is an iPhone much more resistant, as much to the dust as to the dirt and the water. And in addition, it includes the newness of its tactile button HOME. But the main newness is in its double camera.


The iPhone 7 extra measures 77.9mm of width, 158,2 mm of stop and 7,3 mm in thickness. Weight 188 grams and is made in aluminum series 7000. He is available in the colors silver, gold, pink gold, black mate and shining black.

Engineering datas

The iPhone 7 extra of Apple counts on a screen of 5.5 inches Retina HD. 1.080p with technology IPS LCD has a resolution of 1,920 xs. Ppp reaches a density of 401 pixels of and counts on technology 3D Touch. In addition, their screen (and the terminal) are resistant to the water (IP67).

Its processor is the chip A10 Fusion of four nuclei, two of high performance and two of high efficiency.

As far as capacity, the iPhone 7 extra has three versions: 32, 128 or 256 GB of internal storage, without the possibility exists of extending memory with a MicroSD card.

Camera of the iPhone 7 extra

The iPhone 7 Extra counts at the rear on dual camera. The first lens is of 12 megap­xeles with great angular (opening f/1.8) and second, also of 12 but with an opening f/2.8 and telephoto lens. In addition, the camera of the iPhone 7 Extra has flash Quad LED and a lens of six elements that promise to improve the quality of the photos in conditions of little light. The frontal camera is of 7 megap­xeles and has Retina Flash to fit the capture to the environmental light.

The iPhone 7 Extra can record video in 4K with the main sensor and has options to record to slow motion in 1080p/720p and in way lapse tricks out of.

iPhone 7 Extra colors

The iPhone 7 extra, like the iPhone 7 is available in five colors: rose, silver, gold, shining black and black mate. When buying an iPhone you can select the color that you like more or the one that better beats to you with others of the devices of Apple which you have as iPad or iPod Touch.

iPhone 7 extra second hand

In order to buy an iPhone 7 cheap extra, one of the best options is search sales of second hand. Now that are models superiors in the market, the iPhone 7 has reduced its price and the people which they had an iPhone 7 extra can want to undo of their terminal to acquire an iPhone 8 or an iPhone X. For that reason it is good moment to find the most reasonable prices in an iPhone 7 extra.

For it, we will have search distributors nonofficials, but that yes, always is necessary to make sure to consult its valuations and reliability since the price that we are going to pay is not to take it lightly. In addition, in the description of the article, to fix if they offer or not it to you guarantee of Apple of 2 years. And if you buy in Amazon, in any case purchase guarantee will be offered.

iPhone 7 reconditioned extra

Apple counts on a service of reconditioned certificate by the company that allows the consumers to buy iPhone of second hand with the same guarantee which if they were bought new. These terminals come from returns or by renovation to a model superior, because they have been used as units of demonstration or by failures in hardware or software that have been solved.

These products are put under a strict process of refabrication and revision before returning to commercialize itself. Reason why they are in perfect aesthetic conditions of operation and. Nevertheless, it is possible that in some cases they present alterations of color in the housings.

An iPhone reconditioned by Apple:

  • It is put to the test complete.
  • He is refabricado with original spare parts of Apple.
  • It is put under a complete process of cleaning.
  • It returns to be packaging.
  • It receives a new serial number and IMEI.

They are possible to be bought through Amazon, or in own Apple Store.

How to use the second camera of the iPhone 7 extra

The most remarkable difference between the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 extra is, without a doubt, the second camera. In addition to the improvement of its benefits. This second objective allows the device to catch images with greater clearness and to obtain an optical zoom lens of two increases without losing quality in the photo.

The two cameras are different to each other. The main camera owns a wide-angle lens of 28mm f1.8. This improvement is considerable with respect to its predecessor, the iPhone 6 extra. Since its opening was of f2.2. Now more luminous photos and with the suitable illumination can be obtained shining.

In the second camera of the iPhone 7 extra, the lens has been denominated by Apple as telephoto lens, and is the one in charge to execute the optical zoom lens. Its objective is of 56mm f2.8.

If we want to use the telephoto lens to capture an image, we only must open the App de C¡mara and touch the icon of 1x. This way, we will happen to use the objective of 56mm. Nevertheless, any increase over 2x will stop using the telephoto lens and it will offer a simple digital zoom lens to us, with the consequent loss of quality of image.

In addition to the optical zoom lens, this telephoto lens is ideal to realise pictures of people, as well as wonderful very clear macros thanks to the fact that the distance of approach minim not duplicate, but stays in which with the normal camera.

The telephoto lens also improves considerably the pick up of lights, shades and resistances in the photos thanks to a better handling of the dynamic range, guaranteeing less burned zones and less areas without illumination in our images.

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