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IPhone 6s extra is the model older than Apple sells at the moment. And it is due to the quality. It is defined as a telephone of the high range, still day of today even continues conserving this status in spite of the introduced improvements so much smartphones of Apple as in competing companies.

GuaranteeAccording to salesmanAccording to salesman
Price 16GB176‚¬
Price 32 GB380‚¬469‚¬
Price 64 GB202‚¬499‚¬
Price 128 GB274‚¬559‚¬

Characteristics of iPhone 6s extra

IPhone 6s extra appeared in September of 2015 as the successor of the iPhone 6 extra of the previous year. The design stays identical to the one of the previous models. But with respect to them, it includes improvements in his especificcaciones of hardware as 3D touch and an improvement of the back camera, with optical stabilization.

It is a practical terminal: weight 192 g and has a thickness of 7.3 mm, whereas it measures 158.2 mm of stop and 77.9 mm in width. Its screen is 5.5 IPS of €³, with resolution 1920 xs 1080y a density of 401 pixels of ppp. In addition, it counts on protection and oleof³bico covering against scratches and blows.

It has a A9 processor of a single nucleus to 1.8 GHz, a ram memory of 2 GB and is available with two capacities: 21 GB and 128 GB. By fuerta, it counts on a new chassis done of an aluminium alloy of 7000 improved series, LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity. Of factory, it counts on iOS 9 settled but it can get to support the updates of iOS 11.


Camera of iPhone 6s extra

It is the aspect that more improvement with respect to the previous model. Megap­xeles happens of 8 up to 12 with technology iSight. In addition, new the iPhone 6s is able to record video in 4K and to use the characteristics of the Live Photos, who activates with the new technology 3D Touch

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