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To buy iPhone 6s

When Apple sends a new generation of iPhone, it is normal that the old terminals much more happen to be reasonable and in many cases we can buy an iPhone cheap 6s, for example. This it is the moment that many users who are not early adopters usually are useful to take control of terminals that still they have few years of margin until remaining obsolete as 6s is the case of iPhone.

GuaranteeAccording to salesmanAccording to salesman
Price 16 GB176‚¬329‚¬
Price 64 GB248‚¬359‚¬
Price 128 GB274‚¬499‚¬

IPhone 6s is around the most modern terminals is whatever to services since you can use many of the characteristics that Apple has implemented in new models as 3d Touch, the ARKit, Siri, the system of Live Photos, or the TouchID. In addition, as detail, iPhone 6s is last that still counts on connection of jack of audio, the able one to connect any type of cable earpiece without needing an adapter.

IPhone 6s still is compatible with the updates of software and, in fact, it works without problems with iOS 11. The mobile of Apple 6s was sent of factory with iOS 9. Considering that its launching was in 2015, it is foreseeable that it continues receiving updates until 2020, with hypothetical iOS 14. Reason why if we bought an iPhone cheap 6s, we will have at least guaranteed that he will not be obsolete until then.

Characteristics of iPhone 6s

IPhone 6s incorporates the M9 processor with double nucleus. And as far as storage, he is available in three versions of 16, 64 and 128 GB. Like all the other models, do not count on the possibility of extending the storage via MicroSD.

The main camera is of 12 megap­xeles and counts on Flash LED. As far as video, he is able to record to resolution UHD 4K. Its frontal camera is much smaller, of 5 megap­xeles. But also it counts on Retina Flash.

iPhone 6s colors

The iPhone 6 left home with three colors: space gray, golden and silverplated. Adding shortly after the pink color to the available ones. They are not terminal as resistant as the iPhone 7 or the iPhone 8, but its housing guarantees an excellent durability without lining themselves nor spoiling.

Compatible services of Apple with iPhone 6s

  • Apple Pay
  • 3D touch
  • Touch YOU GO
  • Live Photos
  • ArKit
  • Siri
  • Compatible with Apple Watch

Worth the trouble to buy iPhone is 6s?

If you are not early to adopter and to not they interest aspects as the screens YOU SMELL, the FaceID, the wireless load or the dual system you of cameras; by all means that the iPhone 6 is a good purchase, and more if you obtain it to a cheap price in Amazon.

IPhone 6s is a brilliant option to introduce itself to iOS if you are a habitual user of Android. You will notice the difference as far as benefits, but obvious you must know that their capacity and its characteristics are inferiors to the new models of Apple. For that reason, we recommended to you that if purchases an iPhone 6s, you try to choose the model of 128 GB, since a smaller quantity of storage can cause that your terminal cannot support the new updates by weight. By very enabled that is as far as processor and characteristic.

The best option, if you do not want to buy it new, is to decide on an iPhone 6s reconditioned. A reconditioned product is a terminal that comes from returns or by renovation to a model superior, because they have been used as units of demonstration or by failures in hardware or software that or have been solved.

These products are put under a strict process of refabrication and revision on the part of Apple before returning to commercialize itself. Reason why they are in perfect aesthetic conditions of operation and.

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