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IPhone 5s supposed a total renovation as far as characteristics and benefits, but not with respect to design. It is habitual an aesthetic terminal with of Apple, light, thin, the comfortable one to take and to use.

IPhone characteristics 5s

It has a screen of retina of 4 inches, something small in comparison to the present models but very functional. Its screen has a resolution of 1136 xs 640 pixels with a density of 326 ppp but that already is far from best smartphones of the market. That yes, the yield is optimal. As all the screens made by Apple continue showing to a perfect clearness and a brightness for the terminal.

IPhone 5s includes the Touch YOU GO, a biometric sensor able to recognize our track and to thus unblock the telephone. Obvious, to the being a model of years ago, does not incorporate the face recognition nor other present new features of unfreezing of smartphones.

The Apple iPhone 5S comes from factory with iOS 7 and is able to update itself to the last version of iOS 11. Its processor is a A7 of double nucleus to 1,3 GHz, with an architecture of 64 bits. It works with a coprocessor of called movement M7.


The camera of iPhone 5s is similar to the one of its predecessor. Megap­xeles continues counting on a lens of 8, but on a slight increase of the sensor with respect to the previous model. This way, it manages to catch better the light and to show a smaller noise in the images. Also the opening of the camera has improved until f/2.2. As far as the flash, it incorporates a double LED, of cold and warm color. In addition, 1080p MP can record video Full HD. Its frontal camera is of 1.2 MP.

iPhone 5s Colors

IPhone 5s left in three colors: gold, silver and black. At the moment you can find all the models in Amazon in the section of reconditioned of Apple.

Where to buy iPhone 5s

GuaranteeAccording to salesmanAccording to salesman
Price 16 GB149‚¬149‚¬
Price 32 GB160‚¬199‚¬

iPhone 5s reconditioned

A reconditioned product is a terminal that comes from returns or by renovation to a model superior, because they have been used as units of demonstration or by failures in hardware or software that or have been solved.

These products are put under a strict process of refabrication and revision on the part of Apple before returning to commercialize itself. Reason why they are in perfect aesthetic conditions of operation and.

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