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iPhone X cheap

To buy iPhone X

IPhone X is at the moment best smartphone of the market. It is the last newness that Apple has removed and some of their aspects have revolutionized the world of the telephones. With iPhone X, Apple has known to maintain the ensencia of the product and to adapt to the exigencies of a more and more competitive market. IPhone X is a conjunction of tendencies, necessity and nostalgia.

Which is the price of iPhone X?

IPhone X in four possible combinations can be bought. As far as design, Apple has sent two models: to silver gray and space gray. And as far as capacities it follows the same line of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 extra: it counts on a model of 64GB and an iPhone X of 256GB.

 Apple Store Amazon
Guarantee2 yearsAccording to salesman
Price 64 GB 859‚¬659‚¬
Price 256 GB 959‚¬745‚¬

The different storage capacities will determine the price of the terminal, surpassing in both cases the 1000 Euros. IPhone X of 64 GB left by 1159‚¬ and the one 256GB, by 1329‚¬. Now you can find iPhone X cheaper in Amazon because Apple no longer sells them in its Web.

Where to buy iPhone X more cheap

Apple has been able to return to put itself to the vanguard of the technology with the launching of iPhone X. After new the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Extra, Apple has fulfilled the expectations and has announced new the iPhone X. Smartphone more powerful of the brand will be put on sale in the next months.

IPhone X left in the stores the 3 November 2017. But it was possible to be reserved from the 27 of October through the Web of Apple and Amazon.

The models of iPhone X have been increased with iPhoneXr and iPhone XS.

Characteristics of iPhone X

IPhone X counts on 3 GB of ram memory and 2,716 mAh of battery. A priori, nothing really surprising for the innovating bet of Apple.

If we compared it with his predecessors, those of Cupertino have not put really much effort as far as this type of hardware talks about, since models as the iPhone 8 extra and the iPhone 7 extra already counted on 3GB ram memory.

iPhone X colors

The colors available of iPhone X until this moment are reduced to two: iPhone X in color silver or gray and space black or gray color. It will remove to Apple colors as the red rose or for iPhone X?


As far as the battery, also it surprises the little capacity that has appeared: 2.716 mAh is below models as the iPhone 7 extra. Although already in the models recently presented of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 extra the battery either did not surpass its predecessor.

Nevertheless, the hope for fans of Apple is in the yield that battery, something smaller can give. And the autonomy that grants to the terminal. Apple in this way seems to have bet with his iOs 11 by an operating system that consumes less resources and than it makes possible, a better yield of the battery, in spite of being smaller than previous models. Nevertheless, this is not being thus for the models from iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 that has acceded to the update. Since apparently, they spend more battery with respect to UNDER previous.

In this aspect, the one in charge to help will be the processor A11 Bionic to accelerate the processes and to improve the internal efficiency of iPhone X, which also would reduce the consumption. Key element that the iPhone 7 they do not have.

New the iPhone 10 is the most dangerous and complete model, agreeing with the tenth anniversary of the brand. In order to understand why iPhone X is not cheap it is necessary to throw a look to its characteristics. After taking a continuista line in its last launchings, Apple has chosen to innovate as far as the benefits of iPhone X.


Most showy it is his new design: Apple has decided to eliminate the marks. In this aspect, it has given several jumps in sections as the panel, the button of home or the resolution.

All the frontal of the iPhone 10 is screen. Except for the frontal camera and the zone of the earpiece. The finished one of new the iPhone is in crystal, as much for the frontal as in the back, and takes to protection against water and dust.

As far as the size, its screen will be of 5.8 inches. Although the global size will be minor who the other models of iPhone (143,6mm.). Its width of 70 mm, and the thickness, inferior to 8 mm. Its gross weight is of 174 grams. Account with a called technology Super Retina HD4 of type YOU SMELL that it covers the spaces with color DCI-P3 and sRGB, and in addition is compatible with images of high dynamic range (HDR). Also it includes the technology True Tone that is used in other devices of the brand as iPad Pro and counts on 625 a maximum brightness of cd/m2.

How to change your iPhone 8 and to buy an iPhone X cheap

Much people bought the iPhone 8 because they considered necessary to renew his then smartphone. But, although new the iPhone has demonstrated high productivity, the improvement of characteristics that supposes iPhone X can cause that you change of opinion.

Lamentably, if you bought the iPhone 8 on credit, you are going to have to hope to finish paying it to be able to sell it and to reclaim the money that you have invested. But there are some other ways to obtain the money of fast form and to be able to reinvert it in iPhone X.

iPhone Upgrade Program

If you are subscribed to iPhone Upgrade Program, Apple gives the option you to renew your terminal. But for it you must use during at least 6 months your iPhone 8 before being able to make the change. Since the option Early Upgrade de Apple is designed to secure valuations of use of the terminal before changing it and for it, the time that they establish is a use of 6 months of the telephone.

If you cannot wait for so much, it is always the option to try to sell your iPhone 8 through eBay, Amazon or Cash Converters. But in that case, you do not hope to receive the totality of the money that you invested in its purchase.

Right now, by Amazon, the iPhone 8 of second hand is sold to some 699‚¬ but it hopes that when leaves iPhone X, its price lowers drastically due to the great amount of people who will try to sell the iPhone 8 to buy iPhone X. The same will happen in eBay, where right now they are sold by some 740‚¬.

But by all means, to sell them surely by these platforms you need to have all the phelp terms and the active guarantee. And if you without mobile want to remove the greater benefit possible, to do it the sooner and to have left until iPhone X leaves definitively on sale. This way you will avoid that they lower the prices of purchase and will not suppose a great payment to pay 1159‚¬ that iPhone X in Spain will be worth.

Price of iPhone X in different countries

After the exit of the iPhone 8, the previous generation of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 extra have lowered of price (you can verify it in our comparator). But still with that she follows without being a cheap price, reason why many people are getting to consider to take advantage of their trips (of leisure or businesses) to buy an iPhone in other countries to reduced prices. Is This really profitable?

At first, if the trip is not specifically for that, the price difference can do it very profitable. However, if we must ourselves buy a ticket of airplane of 200‚¬ to secure a difference of 100€¦ we will not leave winning.

In Spain, the price of the basic model of iPhone X phelp attention to 1.159‚¬ from the Web of Apple. A considerable difference with the 999 dollars (834‚¬ of the United States). That makes possible that, through Amazon or eBay, salesmen arise who can obtain it to the American price and sell it to Europe. This way they as much would obtain to a benefit as the buyers. IPhone X of 256 GB, the advanced model more, had a price of exit of 1.329‚¬, a quite considerable payment through its Web.

To economic effects, iPhone is considered made in the United States, reason why it is the country where less imposing take (following the state). Other factors as the rates, the tariffs or the change of currencies also influence in the final price in each country. In addition, by all means, of the prices policy of Apple.

Cost of iPhone X in different countries

In the following table we have an example of it (with the price already turned to Euros)

CountryLocal pricePrice in dollars
Hungary379.9991.455, 23
Denmark8.8991.408, 27
Sweden11.4951.406, 37
Italy1.1891.400, 46
Russia79.9901.390, 57
Finland1.1791.388, 69
Ireland1.1791.388, 69
Portugal1.1791.388, 69
Poland4.9791.386, 81
Czech R.29.9901.377, 02
Norway10.9901.375, 28
India92.4301.440, 96
Belgium1.1591.365, 13
France1.1591.365, 13
The Netherlands1.1591.365, 13
Spain1.1591.365, 13
Germany1.1491.353, 35
Austria1.1491.353, 35
Luxembourg1.120, 681.319, 99
The United Kingdom9991.317, 83
China8.3881.266, 97
New Zealand1.1791.253, 36
Mexico23.4991.237, 06
Australia1.5791.234, 49
Switzerland1.1991.218, 50
Singapore1.6481.210, 96
Taiwan35.9001.187, 82
E. Arab4.0991.115, 98
Hong Kong8.5881.100, 67
Canada1.3191.045, 57

In Europe, the most reasonable country to acquire iPhone X to the best price is Switzerland, by its low tax types, reason why if you are thinking about going next of vacation to some side, the Central European country can be a good destiny. Ten in account that, in addition to visiting a quite attractive country from the architectonic culture and point of view, you will be able to save 112‚¬ in your iPhone.

Better accessories for iPhone X

When you buy yourself an iPhone X you know that you are buying something more than smartphone. And for that reason, you need the best accessories to complement it and to enjoy his capacities to the 100%.

The perfect complement without a doubt is the AirPods, auriciulares wireless of Apple. With them, podr±as to enjoy all the music who you have in your iPhone X without cables. With an autonomy of until 5h and a system of fast load. In addition, in spite of its size and appearance, they include a microphone with technology beamforming for noise cancellation and that you can use them of free hands.

Another perfect accessory for your iPhone X is dock to load the battery of a simple way and without occupying much space. Saving any wiring to you of by means. With dock you will be able to load or to synchronize your iPhone X with another device. In addition you will be able to fill up his battery by means of an USB cable integrated in dock.

If you do not have Apple Car installed of series in your car, surely you need a support to be able to use it with free hands and that do not interfere while you lead. It is the case of some supports for iPhone X offered in Amazon. With these accessories you will be able to also maintain the On guard horizontal telephone if you wish it, in case you are using it of GPS, for example. Or in case it agrees to you at the time of connecting it, by means of USB to load it.

Although the battery of iPhone X is quite lasting, he is advisable to count on a Power portable Bank for those occasions where we remained without battery and still we need time to arrive at some house. Good powerbanck those that counted on exit of load of until 5V and a at the most ergonomic design would be better.

Covers for iPhone X

The best cover than you can obtain for your iPhone X is leather the official of Apple. With her and you assure a perfect tact, nothing of slidings and mainly, that adjust perfectly to your smartphone. It has the bellboys finished in metal and its inner superficia is totally smooth. This way it is avoided to leave brands of the telephone at the rear. Obvious, it counts on the hollows for the port lightning and the loudspeakers, leaving the rest of the chassis totally protected.


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