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iPhone XS cheap

To buy iPhone XS

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IPhone XS is the intermediate option of last smartphones that Apple in 2018 has presented.  In a size somewhat smaller than the last models, iPhone XS counts on a new processor, more ram memory, improved cameras and the new software. You want to buy it cheap? You are in the suitable Web.

Which is the price of iPhone XS?

IPhone XS can be acquired by a little more 1.000‚¬ according to Apple, although if we dived in the supplies of Amazon or eBay we can find distributors who more cheap offer iPhone XS to a price.

iPhone XS64GB1.159‚¬1066‚¬
iPhone XS256GB1.329‚¬1222‚¬
iPhone XS512GB1.559‚¬1434‚¬
iPhone XS Max64GB1.259‚¬1158‚¬
iPhone XS Max256GB1.429‚¬1199‚¬
iPhone XS Max512GB1.659‚¬1434‚¬

The different storage capacities will determine the price of the terminal, surpassing in both cases the 1000 Euros. IPhone XS of 64 GB will cost 1159‚¬, the one of 256GB, 1.329‚¬ and the one of 512GB, 1559‚¬.

Where to buy iPhone XS more cheap

The new models sent by Apple have caused that those of Cupertino retake the leadership in which to expectations it talks about. With the announcement of iPhone XS anunci³n also iPhone XR and iPhone XS Max.

IPhone XS can be bought so much in physical stores as by Internet. In order to buy iphone cheap, we recommended the supplies to you of Amazon.

Characteristics of iPhone XS

IPhone XS comes with a Super screen retina HD, YOU SMELL Multitouch HDR, with a resolution of 2436 * 1125 458 pixels to p/p and has a processor A12 Bionic; dual camera of 12 MP with great angular and telephoto lens, among others. The advantage is of 7 megap­xeles.

If we compared it with his predecessors, those of Cupertino have not put really much effort as far as this type of hardware talks about, since models as the iPhone 8 extra and the iPhone 7 extra already counted on 3GB ram memory.

iPhone XS colors

As far as designs, iPhone XS can be with three different colors: silver, space gray and gold.


The battery of 2658 iPhone XS is of mAh and ion-lithium. In the duration test, he has remained ignited sailing by the Web during 9 hours and 41 minutes, whereas iPhone XS Max has reached the 10 hours and 38 minutes. In both cases it is a result inferior to which it presented iPhone X.


IPhone XS counts on a frontal of Super screen retina HD, YOU SMELL Multitouch HDR, with a resolution of 2436 * 1125 458 pixels to p/p and cleared edges. Its screen is True Tone with range chromatic ample P3 and covered antitracks.

Their edges have finishing chromed forming a hemisphere with crystals of the frontal and the back. All these zones are reflecting. As far as the back part, it excels the double camera and the flash in a flat and completely habitual design of Apple.

To the tact, iPhone XS is a comfortable terminal and of little weight. Almost exactly the same in dimensions and weight that iPhone X. In this case, iPhone XS measures 143.6 mm of stop, 70,9mm of width and has a thickness of 7,7mm. Its weight is of 177 gr.

Camera iPhone Xs

IPhone Xs has two 12 back cameras of megap­xeles and one 7 advantage of megap­xeles. The double back camera has a standard lens with opening f/1.8 and a telephoto lens with f/2.4, as the previous models and in addition, double optical stabilizer. This guarantees better photographies in conditions of low light, with a greater level of detail in the zones of penumbra and less noise.

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