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IPhone XS Max has arrived at the market as the most powerful terminal, with better screen and better camera of Apple. That yes, is difficult to find an iPhone XS cheap Max since all this causes that he is smarphone more expensive of the market. The differences between iPhone X of the previous and new year the iPhone XS Max are very few in which to outer aspect it talks about. They are two identical terminals if not outside by the dimensions.

As far as his specifications, it also maintains the base of the model of iPhone X and introduces improvements in component interns to give the quality jump him.

Colors and prices of iPhone Xs Max

IPhone Xs Max is available in versions of 64, 256 and 512 GB of internal memory and counts on all the models of colors of the high range of Apple: gold, space gray and silver. Of hanging of their capacities more money costs. These are the prices of exit in Apple, although as always, in Amazon you will be able to buy iPhone Xs cheap Max:

iPhone XS64GB1.159‚¬1066‚¬
iPhone XS256GB1.329‚¬1222‚¬
iPhone XS512GB1.559‚¬1434‚¬
iPhone XS Max64GB1.259‚¬1158‚¬
iPhone XS Max256GB1.429‚¬1199‚¬
iPhone XS Max512GB1.659‚¬1434‚¬

Screen of iPhone Xs Max

IPhone Xs Max is smartphone with a screen of 6 ' 5 inches without being as great as one tablet. It has a 21% of surface more than in the models extra, with an extended proportion of 19,5:9. In addition, now notch occupies less than 2% of the total surface of the panel.

The screen of iPhone Xs Max has a resolution of 2688 xs 1242 pixels, with a density of 458 ppp, the same that the model iPhone XS. Also he is resistant to the water and dust. Apple has been able to improve this aspect and iPhone XS Max has a certification IP68, able to hold liquids, even those that are not water. Theoretically, also it can hold to be submerged to two meters of depth during half an hour.

Technical characteristics of iPhone Xs Max

The main newness of this new model is the processor that brings. IPhone Xs Max comes with the A12 Bionic, the first chip of the company that makes under the 7 nm. This chip also combines a CPU of six nuclei (two nuclei of yield for tasks of calculation and four nuclei of efficiency) with 4 nuclei for the GPU of exclusive manufacture of Apple.

Other technologies that take advantage of the improvement the A12 are the own FaceID, that adapts better to the physical changes that we experiment, as well as for AR with customized the front and back camera or more Memoji.

What camera has iPhone Xs Max?

In addition to the processor, the camera of iPhone XS is the most evolved of Apple. The Max version also counts on two 12 back cameras of megap­xeles and one 7 advantage of megap­xeles. The double back camera has a standard lens with opening f/1.8 and a telephoto lens with f/2.4, as the previous models and in addition, double optical stabilizer. This guarantees better photographies in conditions of low light, with a greater level of detail in the zones of penumbra and less noise. This is possible thanks to the fact that it counts on a sensor of more size and the image processing pushed by the chip A12 Bionic.