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iPhone XR cheap

To buy iPhone Xr

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IPhone XR is one of the new telephones that Apple has announced. This new range, supposes a way to secure the benefits of a telephone of high quality with the seal of Apple but to a much smaller price. IPhone XR has a screen LCD of 6,1 inches, with a processor similar to iPhone XS and the XS Max. Cuenta on the chip A12 Bionic and iOs 12 of factory.

Which is the price of iPhone XR?

IPhone XR, in the Web of Apple leaves on sale from 859‚¬ for the 64GB model. Price inferior to models superiors as iPhone XS and XS max. All this, although their caracer­sticas are not as much. For that reason, iPhone XR can become the star of Apple for this generation of smartphones. It is possible to be bought in six colors: black, blue, yellow, choral and red target. The telephone has support for dual SIM through a Nano SIM and one eSIM.

 Apple Store Amazon
Guarantee2 yearsAccording to salesman
Price 64 GB 859‚¬760‚¬
Price 128 GB 919‚¬805‚¬
Price 256 GB 1029‚¬890‚¬

According to the memory that we choose, we will have different prices. IPhone XR will be available in 64, 128 and 256 GB.

Where to buy iPhone XR more cheap

Apple has been able to return to put itself to the vanguard of the technology with the launching of iPhone X. After new the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Extra, Apple has fulfilled the expectations and has announced new the iPhone X. Smartphone more powerful of the brand will be put on sale in the next months.

IPhone XR can be bought in stores from the 26 of October of 2018. But as always, in Amazon you will be able to buy iPhone XR more cheap.

Characteristics of iPhone X

IPhone XR has a design similar to iPhone X. But their edges are greater, with aluminum. In addition, he is available in an ample range of colors.

Su hardwatre is quite similar to iPhone XS but with somewhat smaller benefits. Instead of counting on 3D Touch, counts on the system Haptic Touch, which reduces its price. But it continues being a vanguard technology. The screen is of LCD instead of YOU SMELL as its smaller brothers with 326 plan position indicator. Its proportion of screen, nevertheless, is superior to the previous generation, with a 79.3% in spite of notch. That yes, only incorporates an only camera, in this back case.

iPhone XR colors

You can buy black iPhone XR, blue, yellow, choral and red target.


IPhone XR to buy design to you with iPhone X. With the difference of which the edges, in addition to being colored in different tones, according to we choose it, they are ampler. In the screen, notch in the part is present superior. This characteristic does not like to all, but it is a quite useful resource facing the functionality of the screen.

Their measures are similar also to their predecessors, iPhone XR measures 150,9mm of stop, 75 mm in width and 8.3 of thickness. Its weight is of only 194 gr.