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iPhone 8 cheap

To buy iPhone 8

Already it is here the iPhone 8! The new terminal of Apple has been presented and will be put for its sale from the 15 of September. Although we will not later receive it until several weeks.

You know where to buy the iPhone 8 more cheap Extra?

If you want to buy an iPhone 8 you can reserve it through the official store of Apple or in its webpage. The reserves are open from the 15 of September to the 9:00 in the morning and, according to the expectations, they could be run out quickly. So we recommended to you that if you want to buy an iPhone 8 or an iPhone 8 extra, you try to reserve your terminal as soon as possible.

The iPhone 8 sent the 22 of September of 2017. Then, the free terminal cost 809‚¬ through Telefonica without fastenings nor conditions. It was sent within his But it counts on €œthe Always new€ program by which, you can buy the iPhone 8 by a base of 50,03‚¬ to the month during 12 months and after it, decide if you change to another new terminal (an iPhone 8 of greater capacity, the model extra or hypothetical iPhone X) paying the difference of price between the terminals. All this, take refuging in the conditions and amounts that Movistar fixes then of exit.

 Apple StoreAmazoneBay
Guarantee2 yearsAccording to salesmanAccording to salesman
Price 64 GB + shipment 809‚¬395‚¬515‚¬
Price 256 GB + shipment 919‚¬694‚¬816‚¬

How much iphone 8 costs

The iPhone 8 has two models, one of 64 GB and another one of 256 GB. Of launching, the model of 64 GB cost 809‚¬ but now it is possible to be obtained by 649‚¬ through Amazon. The model of 256 GB was sent by 979‚¬ and at the moment 790‚¬ costs.

The iPhone 8 extra also will count on the same capacities of storage, but its price will be something more expensive. IPhone 64GB extra was sent by 919‚¬ and now it is worth the one of 256GB, 1089‚¬.

But in spite of the price, the forecast was much more high. According to the previous rumors of the iPhone 8 it was considered that all models surpassed the 1000 Euros. Nevertheless, it only was that first in the case of the iPhone 8 extra of 256 GB. The rest of capacities was below the thousands. And by all means, with the passage of the months surely its price stoops still more and we can more cheap buy iPhone 8 even through Amazon.

iPhone 8 photos

Already you have thrown a look to the new models of iPhone 8? Next we detailed its peculiarities, colors and characteristics to you. It buys the iPhone 8 that more tuna seems to you.

iPhone 8 colors

The iPhone 8 has been sent to the market available in four colors: space, gray gray dark, red and golden. If you are of that it appreciates the design of Apple enchants the tact to you of its housing. As much, that in these models by colors, you will not want to put him nor a cover because finished his they are spectacular.

The colors of iPhone are thought to fit in all the tastes, for that reason these four varieties exist. In addition, the majority of peripheral for iPhone also you can find them of colors, although the basic model always will be the target or the space gray.

Structure and design

Without a doubt, the aesthetic section is most excellent in the majority of smartphones because, after all, it is €œwhat it is seen€. In this Apple aspect it has realised important changes: the iPhone 8 counts on stainless steel edges, screen YOU SMELL without marks occupying all the frontal that, in addition, will contribute to better resistance and details of minimum edges to cover the camera and the sensors. As far as materials, the crystal is retaken, that Apple had stopped using in the iPhone 4 and 4s.

Finally, the load is wireless by means of induction, conviertiendo itself thus in first the iPhone in incorporating it. Nevertheless, it is not the first time that Apple it test in its devices since it is a functionality that include Apple Watch.

Optimal yield

All the terminals of Apple offer a perfect yield with respect to the operating system and to the general usability of equipment. In this case, the iPhone 8 counts on a A11 chip with design of 10nm and its corresponding operating system: iOS 11, that will allow a resolution of image of 4K without messing up hair.

The iPhone 8 counts on the Phase YOU GO, the face system of unfreezing, that leaves obsolete touch YOU GO of previous generations. This system of detection of faces in three dimensions also will be able to be used in conditions of low illumination when counting on infrared sensors in its frontal camera.

Indeed the cameras arrive with substantial improvements with respect to their previous versions. They count on an improved software to interpret the circumstances and the context of a photography as well as the capacity to recognize objects for increased reality. All this with a lens of 12 megap­xeles.

With which company to buy an iPhone 8


The red operator offers the iPhone 8 basic by 732 with a contract of 2 years. Euros to the month can be phelp cash or by 30,50‚¬ during those 24 months. The tariff cheaper than offers is the Mini S, by 16‚¬ to the month and an initial payment of 135‚¬. For individuals, Vodafone will only offer the basic models of 8 Iphone and iPhone 8 extra. Leaving those of 256 GB only for Vodafone company.


The French company offers the free terminal. In addition, also it proposes discounts on the final price according to the selected tariff. Cheapest (it prices Squirrel) it guarantees the iPhone 8 to us by a total of 737‚¬ that is pleased in 24 quotas of 18,25‚¬ with an initial payment of 299. If we increased the capacity of tarida, the initial payment is reduced or even it disappears in the case of most expensive, llegandoa to pay only 694‚¬ if we chose the Go tariff Top.


In principle, it is the economic option. Although it does not have the option to obtain the free terminal. Yoigo offers the iPhone 8 of 64 GB by a total of 599‚¬ contracting its more expensive tariff, by which you pay 32‚¬ to the month and paying in 24 quotas of 20‚¬ by the terminal. When finalizing all the payments and the contract, will be due to pay 199‚¬ remaining. In the case of choosing the cheapest tariff, iPhone will cost 728‚¬, with an initial payment of only 9‚¬ and a final payment of 119. That yes, during the 24 months of permanence we will pay 25‚¬ approximately.

Differences between iPhone 8 versus iPhone 7

From before it left to the market, with all the information available all the previous models can be evaluated and even be compared. With the characteristics of the iPhone 8 it is possible to do a comparative one with his previous model, the iPhone 7. Thus you with the iPhone 7 will be able to decide if, as, she is worth the trouble to you to buy the iPhone 8, to postar to the X or having left.

The first difference is evident, the size. The screen model is of 5,8 inches against the 4,7 €³ that has the iPhone 7. In addition, the frontal practically whole is dedicated to display. On the screen, it emphasizes that it is YOU SMELL. Apple replaced in the iPhone 8 LCD panels by this technology peculiarly, whose manufacture was in charge of Samsung. This provides major resists and quality to the offered image. Mainly at the time of seeing content multimedia.

In her a sensor comes from digital tracks within the own button of HOME, something that did not happen in previous models. And by all means, all this integrated in a frontal that will not reduce pixels to the image in spite of the functionalities.

In addition, Apple redoubled the security of the device adding a rainbow scanner as method of unfreezing extra to the sensor of fingerprints. This scanner is worth of the frontal cameras. And it is placed in vertical to them. Everything also after improving the quality of the image of the front camera.

And by all means, the iPhone 8 arrived at the market with the following update of the operating system of Apple. IOS 11, introduced a model multitask able to manage several at the same time apps, new solutions for the contents multimedia and by all means, one better functionality.

The iPhone 8 has a smaller price to the 1000 Euros

Due to the tenth anniversary of iPhone, Apple threw the house by the window as far as characteristics, materials and design. Those of Cupertino did not scrimp in expenses for the iPhone 8 nor iPhone X.

In the previous months, there were many rumors with the benefits, characteristics and dates of launching of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Nevertheless, one thought that its price would be much greater.

The iPhone 8 and iPhone X a luxury is everything that will not be within reach of all the pockets. Not in vain, it left to the market as in the highest amount of sale by a telephone of Apple. Although it was not first in surpassing the 1000 Euros of the brand. Since the iPhone 7 256GB extra already was sent with a sale price of 1,129 Euros. That yes, did it as the terminal with majors benefits of range.

According to the analysts, this price is justified by the high benefits that Apple for its terminal prepares. Iphone 8 counts on a screen YOU SMELL, a great investment for the company that, until now, always had worked with screens LCD.

Design of the iPhone 8

prototype iphone 8

Apple returned to completely bet by the crystal endorsement, since it did in the models of iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s, in addition to stainless steel bands, possibly for the edges, that it would come to replace present aluminum.

In the iPhone 8, a thin stainless steel band can be appreciated that would connect the crystal edges of the front and back part of the terminal. Something that suggests major to us comfort with respect to the present models.

This design with aluminum bands, nevertheless, is not new. Iphone already proved Apple successfully in its model 4s and iPhone similarly. In the images, we can observe the same finished that those terminals with the peculiarity of the double vertical camera that probably stays in the redesigns since well it has been welcomed by the users of the iPhone 7.

The redesigns of the iPhone 8, were focused to reduce the annoyances that the users argue in the new terminals, as the little comfort at the time of taking it with a single hand. It was decided more on a finer, slighter design and adapted to these needs, as 4s made iPhone, to day of today the model better evaluated.

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