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iPhone 7 cheap

To buy iPhone 7

If you like Apple, you will always want to be of its innovations and right now the iPhone 7 is more the top of the market. Although still recently of its launching, it is possible to buy it from platforms online as Amazon or Ebay although the price right now is quite high.

The iPhone 7 characterizes by the redesign of the back lines of the antennas and the camera. In addition, two new colors to already existing range in the iPhone 6 were added. With respect to that terminal, it improves his power, its camera and the quality of the sound. The controversial elimination of the port jack of 3.5 mm brings the port lightning, that grants one better quality of entrance and exit. Also it incorporates the Taptic Engine for his tactile frontal and remodels the Home button, although it is the same seemingly that the iPhone 6.

Its internal memory in 32GB, 128GB are several models of iPhone 7 varying or 256 GB. According to his capacity they will cost more or less.

This is the table of prices:

 Apple StoreAmazoneBay
Guarantee2 yearsAccording to salesmanAccording to salesman
Price 32 GB639‚¬419‚¬529‚¬
Price 128 GB 749‚¬500‚¬629‚¬
Price 256 GB 849‚¬415‚¬659‚¬

In order to find the cheapest prices we will have search distributors nonofficials, but that yes, always is necessary to make sure to consult its valuations and reliability since the price that we are going to pay is not to take it lightly. In addition, in the description of the article, to fix if they offer or not it to you guarantee of Apple of 2 years.

iPhone 7 colors

The iPhone 7 is available in 5 models of colors: gray, black mate, shining black, gold and rose. Thought to also satisfy the aesthetic needs with each user. Although normally, to protect usually one buys them a housing for the iPhone 7 that avoid the blows or grating at the rear and advantage. We recommended to you that you buy the housings in specialized salesmen and who they have good valuations in Amazon, but you have decided on housings or official covers of iPhone. Although it is truth that is enough more faces.

Characteristics of the iPhone 7

The design of iPhone is all a reference. Many brands of smartphones have been inspired by the elegant lines. Nevertheless, new the iPhone 7 offers some changes of design, relocating the lines of the antenna, crossing the back part of a more discreet form.

Also it changes the color of the housing, with a new maye or shining black model that replaces previous the gray tones of iPhone. Although also it is combined with colors gold and silver. In addition, the button of blockade stops being physical to better take advantage of the tactile functionalities a way.

The screen, like in the iPhone 6 and 6s it has two sizes according to is 7 model or 7plus, of 4.7 or 5.5 inches respectively but improves the brightness and the tones in spite of not introducing improvements in the resolution of the screen.

The back camera is of 12 megap­xeles, with a more luminous lens and the improved optical stabilizer. The front camera is of 7 megap­xeles and also it has image stabilizer to be able to make selfies with one better quality. In the iPhone model 7plus, has integrated a dual camera that allows to make optical zoom lens without losing quality of image

The processor, A10 call Fusion, will be of four nuclei, two of them of high performance and a 40% faster than Apple A9 of previous models. In addition, they have been able to reduce the power consumption when counting on a GPU of six nuclei.

Wireless earpieces iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 does not bring of series the habitual port of 3.5 mm reason why we will need an adapter if we want to use some auricular traditional. For that reason, the best option is search some auricular wireless and obvious, those that better work are the own ones of Apple.

The AirPods, are the perfect wireless earpieces for iPhone. They come from series with the Chip W1 de Apple and are able to synchronize itself with our iPhone in just half secondly. Thanks to its compatibility 100% you will not notice any annoyance, loss of quality or sound at any moment. In addition they have sensors that allow to stop music when another alert exists superior or to directly use the control of voice of Siri. With this one, you will be able to change the song or to control the volume without moving nor a finger.

They have an autonomy of 5h of use and are of fast load. As much, that with 15 minutes of load you hardly can obtain a 2-3 yield hours.


Which is the best moment to buy an iPhone 7?

With the exit of iPhone X and the iPhone 8, the market has been regulated and that has caused that other older mobiles as iPhone 6s and the iPhone 7 lower their prices until becoming more reasonable.

If you want to buy an iPhone 7 cheap, now it is the best moment, since, in the Web of Apple one has even been reduced the price until almost a 50%. And by all means, also in Webs as Amazon, eBay or PCComponentes.

But the iPhone 7 is not only smartphone of Apple that has seen reduced to its price establishing a balance quality/very favorable price. Something similar is past to him, although to a lesser extent to the iPhone 8, that as soon as it has enjoyed protagonism with the arrival of iPhone X.

Although without a doubt the great beneficiary has been iPhone 6s. Although it is not as powerful as the other models, now are a good moment to take control of the more cheap possible one. Given to his specifications and yield, still we can hope that it is more at the level during 1 year.

This it is its present price:

GuaranteeAccording to salesmanAccording to salesman
Price 16 GB176‚¬329‚¬
Price 64 GB248‚¬359‚¬
Price 128 GB274‚¬499‚¬

Also it influences the time of the year. He is habitual that the prices lower still more near announcements of new features of Apple, which always usually they take place in September or October. For that reason, the summer is the best time to buy an iPhone cheap.

By all means, also it is necessary to consider the supplies of each company. When he is black Friday or the reductions of Amazon Prime. Also, in the reductions of after Christmases, when there is to give exit to the stock that has exceeded in the stores.

iPhone NETWORK Special Edition: red color

Apple has presented by surprise a new special version of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Extra in red color. The announcement comes accompanied from new updates for iPad, iPhone and new collection of bracelets for Apple Watch.

In fact, this new version in color is not new for the company, since Apple has been years collaborating with the foundation (NETWORK), presenting devices in that color. Everything as part of its implication in the campaigns against the AIDS of the organization founded by Bond (U2).

The iPhone 7 NETWORK Special Edition will be available through the official Web of Apple from the 24 of March. As far as its characteristics, it will not vary anything with respect to the model presented in September. It will only present the chromatic newness and, by the others, same capacities of 128 and 256 GB.

That yes, the price of the iPhone 7 red yes more will be elevated, until 110‚¬ difference. The 128GB version will cost 879‚¬ and the one of 256GB, 989‚¬. As far as the models iPhone 7 extra, also there will be difference: the 128GB version will cost 1019‚¬ and the one of 256 GB, 1129‚¬.

But in Amazon, you will be able to find them to a better price.

Deborah Dugan, CEO of (NETWORK), trusts the marketing of Apple and is thankful for to the vps hosting company the years of collaboration between both: €œApple is the company that donates World-wide al Fondo more, with a contribution of 130 million dollars€. With this new version of te±©fono, the association against HIV hopes that the clients feel the telephone as a €œspecial opportunity€ to collaborate and to contribute to Global Fund.

The first product that Apple removed in collaboration with the foundation was iPad Nano, more ago than ten years. And since then always they have continued collaborating. Nevertheless, this is the first time that an iPhone is added to the initiative. In the last season, Apple had only removed to official covers and some accessories. within the program.

Better accessories iPhone7

Moment has sent a new series of products in kickstarter specialized in iPhone. The accessories are thought to turn the terminals into authentic professional cameras.

A housing with extra battery, a wood housing apt for lenses and a new specific wide-angle lens for the dual camera of iPhone. In all the cases, they are housings easy to put and to clear, able to equip to iPhone with a €œextra€ in autonomy or an involution with the technical attributes with its camera.

Developed to be €œaround any accessory of Apple €œ, these three gadgets have been defined as the three better for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 extra.

The price, nevertheless, will not have anything to do with the policy of Apple. The housing multi-lenses will be sold by 25 dollars and the housing with battery (of 2.500mAh) will cost 79 dollars. In addition, Moment glides to remove packs from different accessories with gadgets, that they would include, with the mentioned ones, other lenses, housings and accessories.

But all these gadgets still need to obtain their financing in Kickstarter. In next the two months they glide to reach the 500,000 dollars necessary to begin with the manufacture and distribution of products. At the moment, already they have collected 30% of the necessary money so we will be able to see all of them in the market soon.

Tests of resistance of the iPhone 7

One of the most outstanding new features of the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 extra is the resistance to the water, fact that did not occur in the previous generations but for which its competition, as Samsung or Sony Xperia yes were prepared.

In addition to adding this new characteristic to the ample list of advantages of smartphone of Apple, the terminal (and especially the screen) has shown to its resistance falls and possible cracks in the screen. In the channel of YouTube famous TechRax to make viral the video where it drilled a lateral one of the iPhone 7 for €œmanaging€ to connect a jack of 3.5mm, it has put under diverse tests of resistance to the terminal to verify his durability.

Among them, they emphasize the daily experiments of possible blows that affect to the screen or that gets wet with diverse types of liquids as water or refreshments.

Concerning the resistance against the rayaduras, the screen holds well in front of the sharpened tools. Appearing only some clear brands in extreme cases. But in the rest of experiments with objects daily than we can take in our pocket as currencies or keys, the terminal does not suffer damages. The Home button also holds perfectly sharp elements. At the rear, nevertheless, brands with greater facility are appraised.

Submerged in daily liquids during 24h, neither Coca-Cola, nor Sprite, nor the Fanta nor Pepsi seem you bring about damages no to the system of iPhone. In case, to leave it something stickier, but nothing that is not solutionable.

Going a step further on, TechRax also has tried to send to an iPhone 7 just open from 100,000 feet (about 30,000) meters. The result also is positive: iPhone survives and works (being protected, clearly). This could suppose all an advantage if someday the distribution by means of drones is patented, in case of failure or fall.

New color for iPhone 7

New the iPhone 7 has brought some aesthetic changes in which to design it talks about with respect to its predecessors. Far they were the finished ones in €œspace colors€ replaced in this new range by the brightness and mate. In addition, in him some are appraised more elegant lines and better covering of the lens.

At the moment, as much the iPhone 7 as the iPhone 7 extra is available in five colors: silver, gold, pink gold, black mate and shining black (the most sold to date). But the rumors aim at that this range could turns extended in the future not very distant.

The chosen color would be a tonality of shining target called €œJet White €œ, in answer indeed to its more popular aesthetic model (jet black), according to the Japanese Web Mac Otakara.

In its terminals, Apple always has known to maintain aesthetic and a design that makes them emphasize over the rest of brands. And it is evident that those of Cupertino secure with each an example of art, design and technology to offer smartphone not only effective and efficient, if not aesthetically attractive.

With the colors a same common policy to many brands has stayed, that the devices are easily identifiable by their aesthetic characteristics and their tonality.

The target always has been a dominant color in all the products of the brand (ipod, iPad, MacBook€¦) and it surprises that it was not counted on that color for the launching of the new terminal. Reason why Apple could have taken measures and to send this new design with the passage of the months.

Therefore, the lovers of iPhone could count on white option €œshining€ for the range of colors of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 extra. In the publication, nevertheless, one does not inquire into any date so that this new color is available to the public.

The best photos with iPhone 7

One of the basic characteristicses that do of iPhone 7 one of best smartphones of the market is without a doubt its camera. With 12 megap­xeles, a luminous lens and an optical stabilizer very improved with respect to previous models, the objective is ideal to photograph the world. As much in normal conditions as in landscapes nocturnes.

In addition, in the model iPhone 7 extra, one second camera has been integrated that allows to make optical zoom lens without losing quality of image. Its telephoto lens also improves considerably the pick up of lights, shades and resistances in the photos thanks to a better handling of the dynamic range.

But the best examples of their operation and demonstrations of why she is one of the best options of the market, as always, are in the experience of the users. These two examples, demonstrate the functionality of the camera at the time of catching images in movement, as it is the case of sports.

Comparative iPhone 7 versus iPhone 6. What changes?

The main difference of the new iPhone model of Apple is their cameras, mainly if we compared the dual camera of the model iPhone 7 extra. This one incorporates a double objective that allows to realise an optical zoom lens of two increases without the loss of quality that entails a digital zoom lens normally. The front camera also improvement with respect to iPhone 6s, now is of 7 megap­xeles against the 5 megap­xeles of the previous model.

In both models, in addition, all the lenses incorporate sensors of optical stabilization, which remarkably improves the quality of the images caught in places with little light or during the night. Also it improves his pick up of video for the same reason.

The consumers of Apple always have complained the little resistance of their terminals and, although the guarantee of the brand usually covers breakage in the screen or the housing, he is incordio to have to be going to the technical service. Those of Cupertino, have taken note in this aspect and, at least, they have improved the resistance of the terminal to the water. Now the screen will be able to be wet before events of rain or own salmigundis of the swimming pool or the beach.

As far as the processor, the new A10 model Fusion grows significantly in yield. It incorporates four nuclei able to work with a smaller power consumption in a GPU of six nuclei, which does a 40% faster than its predecessor, the A9.

The aesthetic changes very radical beyond the new ones are not finished in brilliant and mate, that back leave the space grays of the previous models. They are appraised, slightly, some more elegant lines and a better covering of the lens of the cameras.

Next, we left to a comparative table of iPhone6 and iPhone 7 with the comparison of specifications:

iPhone 6s

iPhone 7

Dimensions iPhone 6s: 138,3 xs 67.1 xs 7.1 mm and 143 gr.
iPhone 6s Extra: 158,2 xs 77.9 xs 7.3 mm and 192 gr.
iPhone 7: 138.3 xs 67.1 xs 7.1 mm and 138 gr.
iPhone 7 Extra: 158,2 xs 77.9 xs 7.3 mm and 188 gr.
Screen iPhone 6s: 4.7 inches, resolution 1,334 xs 750 pixels and 326 ppp
iPhone 6s Extra: 5.5 inches, resolution 1,920 xs 1,080 pixels and 401 ppp
iPhone 7: 4.7 inches, resolution 1,334 xs 750 pixels and 326 ppp
iPhone 7 Extra: 5.5 inches, resolution 1,920 xs 1,080 pixels and 401 ppp
Processor Apple A9 dual-Core Twister to 1.84 GHz
GPU hexa-Core PowerVR GT7600
Apple A10 quad-Core
GPU of six nuclei
Ram memory 2 GB €”
Internal memory 16/64/128 GB 32/128/256 GB
Camera Back: 12 MP, f/2.2, approach by detection of phase, OIS (only Extra), Dual flash, recording 4K, Live Photos
Frontal: 5 MP, f/2.2, FullHD videos
iPhone 7: 12 MP, f/1.8, approach by detection of phase, OIS, Quad-tone flash, recording 4K, Live Photos
iPhone 7 Extra: 12 MP, double lens with optical zoom lens 2x, approach by detection of phase, OIS, Quad-tone flash, recording 4K, Live Photos
Frontal: 7 MP, f/2.2, FullHD videos
Software iOS 9, actualizable to iOS 10 iOS 10
Connectivity 4G, Wi-Fi 802,11 a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 4,2, NFC (only Apple Pay), GPS, Lightning connector, minijack of earpieces, sensor of TouchID tracks 4G, Wi-Fi 802,11 a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 4,2, NFC (only Apple Pay), GPS, Lightning connector, sensor of TouchID tracks
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