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iPhone 6 cheap

To buy iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 is smartphone of Apple sent in 2014.  It has a screen of 4,7 inches, with a processor of two 1,4 nuclei to GHz, back camera of 8 megapixeles with recording of video in 1080p/60fps and connectivity 4G LTE, Wi-Fi and support NFC for movable payments. In fact, it was the first telephone of Apple in using Apple Pay.

At the moment it is not possible to buy the terminal in the official store of Apple since he has been descatalogado. But you can buy an iPhone 6 cheap in Amazon and eBay. Since to the being a mobile of the high range, by yield, will not give problems you and it will offer a performance to you of high level during 2-3 years.

iPhone 6 price

He is available in three colors: silver, golden and gray space, with versions of 16GB, 64GB and 128GB of internal memory. As always, we analyzed the main portals of Internet where you can find the iPhone 6 more cheap possible:

GuaranteeAccording to salesmanAccording to salesman
Price 16 GB148‚¬299‚¬
Price 64 GB230‚¬359‚¬
Price 128 GB258‚¬399‚¬

Characteristics iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 is one of the most sold of Apple, and counts as much on a design and finished similar to the new ones as to its predecessors. Their specifications do not have anything to envy to other terminals of the competition, even to newest. And although it can seem fragile in the images, in fact he is much more solid and resistant that mayaor­a of terminals of its generation.

Perhaps conscious that the iPhone 7 will not lower of past price until a time and that is not a indeed cheap terminal, you want to throw a look to previous models.

iPhone 6 colors

The iPhone 6 left available in four colors: silver, space gray, gold and rose. You can buy the different models through Amazon, selecting color in the product window. Even in the case of buying an iPhone 6 reconditioned, you can choose color to the salary multiple options.


To buy iPhone 6 in store

Normally, if purchases a new terminal from an operator of telephony in store, you can more cheap obtain iphone of the normal thing. In addition, many operators offer payment facilities, as the division or monthly payments. And, except for some company, no longer usually they demand contract permanence when buying.

If in addition you are of the traditional ones to that they like to go to the store, to see the product, to prove it and to buy it there same, also we have studied the market of iPhone in stores specialized in telephony and operators. Normally a contract is necessary, or of portability or changing our present one to be able to accede to the best discounts in iPhone. However, in some cases the operators offer the free terminal whenever you fund it with them or in establishments as The Phone House without needing it.

In case you want to renew your contract with your operator or to change you some different one and that they give iPhone to you, these are the supplies:

Iphone 6

Movistar Vodafone* Orange ** Yoigo*
iPhone 6 16 GB N/D 624‚¬ 699‚¬ N/D
iPhone 6s 16 GB N/D 696‚¬ 749‚¬ 709‚¬
iPhone 6s 64 GB N/D 777‚¬ 859‚¬ 819‚¬
iPhone 6s 128 GB N/D N/D 969‚¬ 919‚¬

* Permanence of 18 months.
** High new.

Iphone 6 extra

Movistar Vodafone* Orange ** Yoigo*
iPhone 6 extra 16 GB N/D N/D 729‚¬ 739‚¬
iPhone 6s extra 16 GB N/D 777‚¬ 839‚¬ 819‚¬
iPhone 6s extra 64 GB N/D N/D 939‚¬ N/D
iPhone 6s extra 128 GB N/D N/D 1049‚¬ N/D

* Permanence of 18 months.
** High new.

Apple free changes the defective batteries of the iPhone 6

The main complaint of the majority of users of smartphones is the battery. When doing so powerful terminals, as much Apple as Android find problems at the time of that the battery is efficient from the power point of view and lasts the possible maximum. Their autonomy and the resistance, in fact, usually are the main factors at the time of showing preference for a model or another one when we want to buy a terminal.

IPhone 6s, in that aspect seemed to offer a quite acceptable autonomy, nevertheless, many consumers began to report dull problems of sudden although the battery showed more of 50% of load. For this reason, Apple decided to study the production of its components and the reported terminals and found a failure in a reduced number of terminals, all of them made between September and October of 2015. Although it is not a as clamorous failure of security nor as detected by Samsung in its models Galaxy Note 7, obvious, it makes difficult its use.

Apple has decided, after confirming it, free of charge replacing the battery of the models whose serial number agrees with the studied ones as defective terminals. From his webpage it will be possible to be acceded to the spare part section of terminals where the users will be able to introduce the data of the telephone to verify his YOU GO of series and replaced being. In order to avoid any problem of flight of personal data, it will be necessary to realise a backup copy of the terminal in the cloud, to deactivate the option search and to resetear iPhone completely.

In the same official notice, Apple has announced that, if iPhone has some previous problem due to the use that makes difficult the extraction of the battery, the technical service will repair (with cost for the user) the damages to come to the substitution of the battery. In the same way, this service will only be available during the three first years from the sale of the terminal, giving by fact that if the error has not been reported by then, the user admits the correct operation of his iPhone.

In the case of the users who or have repaired or replaced the battery, Apple is committed to give back the amount to them as long as they have done it in official distributors of the brand.

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